Saturday, July 31, 2010

INtercesion at midnight!!!

I was chilling and out of no where i felt like turning on a certain style of music. Next thing i know I'm PRAYING HARD!!! This was what they world would see a Dead man dancing in joy as they laugh and scoff but look at his face he smiles as tears flow and speaks in languages that no one knows thinking he is strange but to him this is what happiness is.  Taking all the pain from his body and mind as he lifts his voice to his father GOD. He see the world back and smiles more as he feels the chains and shackles fall from him in heaps. Showing only a pile of scrap metal around him and more falling. With each step the Earth would shake and and his heart would brighten. The world starts to not see a DEAD MAN but a MAN WHO HAS BEEN SET FREE AND IS ALIVE!!! He is no longer dead his eyes shine bright with passion kindness and love his body strengthens for every challenge and his illness disappear to the ground as he feels only the embrace of HIS FATHER! Calling out and praying asking for what he wants needs and sees that what he needed and wanted was there the whole time. Those that challenged him now step back in his wake. The forces against Him shatter as thin glass hit by a Hammer. With each step he breaks the enemies defenses. THIS IS A MAN WHO IS UNDEAD BECAUSE HE LIVES IN THE LIGHT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS

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