Saturday, August 21, 2010


All day has been interesting. THE DEAD MAN looks like he has been in pain both physically and emotionally. The problems lie deep inside his heart and it is THE LIGHT OF GOD PUSHING THEM OUT. At points he was crying out to GOD to take the pain. This may only be a trail for THE DEAD MAN but it is one that looks like it will be very hard for him. It is a battle with himself!

Friday, August 20, 2010


I have felt for a long time that what i do today will give me so much i have been seeking. I am in prayer and FASTING. I need my FATHERS help and i need the answers to many of lifes questions. I Truly pray that he gives me what i need. I also have asked for permission to dop something if it is in his will and that it's on his time table. I no longer have any control of my life for I have turned it over to GOD. Pray for me as i do this its hard and i am hungry but i will be ok. FOR IN GODS NAME AND UNDER THE BLOOD OF CHRIST WE ARE ALL MADE NEW!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

66 in 90

The Dead man has found a book in 4 days time the 66 becomes 64 and by day 5 he will have a lower total. The truth of life seems to be overcoming him as more and more he sees the light that guides him and the support he needs beside him. Letting nothing distract him and only letting what he feels is what he needs from the CREATOR. The CREATOR shows him the steps he takes and the path he walks as he continues down the roads he never knew were coming at him.